65. Eric is a member of a research team that conducts an epidemiologic study. They determine, in a given year, approximately 1 of every 12,000 American men has prostate cancer. This figure represents:

  1. An incidence rate
  2. A mortality rate
  3. A prevalence rate
  4. A survival rate

66. The incidence of bladder cancer is most common in people with:

  1. Exposure to aniline dyes and aromatic amines
  2. Exposure to alkylating agents and phenacetin
  3. Chronic irritation of the urothelial lining due to infections
  4. A history of smoking and/or exposure to tobacco smoke

67. The highest breast cancer incidence rates in the United States are found in:

  1. Non-Hispanic white women
  2. African American women
  3. Women who are 80 years or older
  4. Premenopausal women


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