1. There are several types of biopsies that can be used to obtain information for the diagnosis of cancer. The best type of biopsy to diagnose malignant melanoma is:

  1. Punch
  2. Incisional
  3. Excisional
  4. Core-needle

2. Mrs. Jones is considering reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. You explain to her that alloplastic reconstruction uses:

  1. Native tissue
  2. A tissue expander with an implant
  3. A combination of autologous flap with implant
  4. Transverse rectus abdominus muscle

3. Pancreatic insufficiency is a frequently noted symptom in individuals with pancreatic cancer, especially after partial or complete pancreas resection. Nurses should assess for which of the following symptoms of pancreatic insufficiency?

  1. Sudden weight gain, abdominal ...

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