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Online Marketing in 7 Days

Book Description

Any company - big or small, based in a 30-floor office block or in your kitchen - has the opportunity to grow their business and brand through online marketing activities. For small companies, this is especially the case. This book is aimed at the non-expert, who has less than great IT skills and may possibly have zero marketing knowledge. It provides a step-by-step plan to enable anyone to create and implement an online marketing strategy that will work for you – in one week! Devoid of technical jargon, the author takes you through the basics of marketing, what your needs are, and what online marketing activities will best suit those needs. The key online options – websites, blogging, e-commerce, Twitter, Facebook, e-newsletters, YouTube, Linked-In, eBay – are covered. This book will take the fear out of online marketing. Instead, it will get you up and running regardless of your level of expertise.