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Online Marketing to Investors

Book Description

“This book clearly explains why Investor Relations is now a highly regarded career choice and demonstrates its value to companies and the investment community.”—Helen Parris, Director of Investor Relations, G4S plc “This book is an essential read for Investor Relations profes-sionals, business managers, and anyone interested in corporate relations.”—William Sun, Deputy Director of the Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility, Leeds Business School The expectations on UK listed companies continue to grow with the expansion of the regulatory framework and an increase in public scrutiny. The investment community continues to demand access to management, regular and meaningful communication, and an understanding of a firm’s position relative to its competitors. It falls increas-ingly to the Investor Relations (IR) function to help compa-nies and their management meet the rigorous demands of the equity markets and an evolving set of tools, technolo-gies, legal and governance frameworks. Digital channels present great but underutilised poten-tial to contribute to ever more effective IR. Online platforms offer fast, comprehensive, economical, exible and regula-tion-compliant methods of disclosing corporate informa-tion to investors, analysts and other relevant parties in the investment evaluation and decision making process.