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Online! The Book

Book Description

Online! The Book

"If you go online, see how much more you can gain, without the pain. Fascinating, fun, and delightfully written. The invaluable tool for everyone that makes you laugh out loud to read."
--Scott Cook, Founder and Chairman of Intuit Software

"There is only one Dvorak. He invented the idea that technology was as worth covering as news, he wrote the first gossip column on the inductry, and even has answered tech questions on call-in shows. He's the Orson Wells to Bill Gates's Kane."
--William R. Hearst III, Publisher and Venture Capitalist

"For 20 years or more, no one else has given us the same no-nonsense, in-your-face advice John C. Dvorak has. His expertise and influence among makers and consumers of software and hardware are legendary, as is the dry sardonic humor he brings to everything he writes about. If you want to know why you should go online and what to do once you get there, you can trust Dvorak's advice like you would trust your mother's--if Mom were intimately knowledgeable about computing, and if she could make you laugh while pointing out computing's foibles."
--Ron White, author How Computers Work, 10th Anniversary Edition

"Chris Pirillo is one of those original geeks, dating back to when he first brought common sense to the Help Desk. From there he's built bridges between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, landing somewhere in a conceptual San Luis Obispo--the grey area between content and technology."
--Marc Canter, Founder Macromedia

"This is the most practical and valuable book about the Internet you can get. A perfect reference for anyone who goes online."
--Victoria Recano, "Inside Edition"

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the Internet and really ought to ask. I love this book!"
--Lance Ulanoff, Executive Editor PCMAG.COM

"Pirillo is truly the Internet guru of our times. Hundreds of thousands of his 'Gnomie' followers can't be wrong. Online! is a Rosetta Stone, bringing the priceless, yet nearly costless, millennial treasure of the Internet to the masses. Online! is the first truly practical book about the Internet, exploring the depth of its power, without the typical techno-jargon. Online! will leave you asking how you ever got along without it."
--Brett Trout author of Internet Laws Affecting Your Company and Chair of the Iowa State Bar Association Technology Committee

"For hundreds of thousands of computer users, Chris Pirillo is the face of the Internet. Combining a sharp wit and the technical knowledge that comes with living computers and the Internet 24/7, Chris simplifies complex technical issues, helps computer users make informed decisions in the crowded software marketplace, and manages to entertain while still delivering the facts. By embracing technology as a way of life, this techno-geek has become the net's most trusted voice."
--Ken White, CEO, NextUp.com

"Chris Pirillo is at the center of the digital universe."
--Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

The perfect gift for any computer user!

Are you getting the best of the Internet? No way! The Web's packed with great sites you haven't discovered. Great tools you haven't tried. Great stuff you haven't done.

But that's about to change!

You're looking at an amazing collection of today's coolest Web stuff. Hundreds of incredible ideas, tips, techniques, and sites...all compiled by three legendary Web and PC insiders. Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

  • Trash that spam: no more junk email

  • Download faster and smarter

  • Protect yourself against today's toughest viruses and hackers

  • Build your own next-generation Web site, fast

  • Blog the world...even distribute your personal content to hundreds of sites

  • Deliver your own streaming media broadcasts

  • Cut the wires and go mobile

  • Connect to your office PC over the Web

  • Find the Web community you've been searching for

  • Make the most of peer-to-peer networks

  • Use your online connection to make cheap, high-quality phone calls

  • Includes complete, up-to-the-minute primer for beginners!

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Online! The Book
    3. About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    4. Foreword
    5. Introduction
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. The Online World
      1. The Net: There, Wherever You Are
      2. Exploring the Net
      3. Summary
    8. Hardware Basics
      1. Before Hardware
      2. What an Operating System Does
      3. Computer Internals
      4. Hard Disks
      5. Network Card
      6. Video Card
      7. Sound Card
      8. Flavors of Optical CD and DVD Drives
      9. Monitors/Displays
      10. Input Devices—Keyboard and Mouse
      11. Summary
    9. Internet Service Providers
      1. All About Internet Access
      2. The First Step
      3. Internet Service Providers
      4. Checklist to Choosing an ISP
      5. Browsers
      6. Summary
    10. Finding What You Need
      1. URL
      2. The Breakdown of a Domain Name
      3. IP Address
      4. Domain Name System
      5. Search Engines
      6. Other Engines and Finders
      7. The Dark Side of the Net: Pesky Marketing
      8. Usenet
      9. Summary
    11. Music
      1. Defining MP3
      2. Portable MP3 Hardware
      3. Software
      4. Music Sharing
      5. Summary
    12. E-Commerce: How to Buy and Sell on the Internet
      1. Buying on the Internet
      2. Online Marketplaces
      3. Product Smart
      4. Ready to Shop
      5. Research Merchants
      6. Avoid Fraud
      7. Selling on the Internet
      8. The Basics: Hitting the Ground Running
      9. Choose Your Sales Channel Strategy
      10. Establish Yourself on eBay
      11. Keys to Pricing Products Online
      12. Merchandise Your Products Effectively
      13. Payments
      14. Nonpayments
      15. Refunds
      16. Shipping Your Products
      17. Reporting Auction Income
      18. Advanced Steps: Maximizing Your Online Profits
      19. Summary
    13. Meeting People: The Personal Side of the Internet
      1. Chatrooms
      2. Internet Relay Chat
      3. Online Dating
      4. Summary
    14. Gaming
      1. Computer Game Genres
      2. Summary
    15. Downloading Online Content
      1. Types of Modems
      2. Translating Transfer Rates to Transmitted Data
      3. Downloading Considerations
      4. Reliable Content and Information
      5. Summary
    16. Email and Spam
      1. The Roots of Modern Email
      2. Email Client Applications
      3. Sending Email Attachments
      4. Archiving Email
      5. Spam
      6. Email Etiquette
      7. Summary
    17. Security
      1. The Global Village
      2. Threats
      3. Malware
      4. Hackers
      5. Spammers
      6. Hoaxes
      7. Misconceptions
      8. Protection
      9. Other Applications
      10. If You've Been Hacked
      11. Stay Informed
      12. Security Is a Process
      13. Workplace Surveillance
      14. Summary
    18. Viruses and the Damage They Can Do
      1. Glossary of Terms
      2. How a Virus Works and Operates
      3. History of Computer Viruses
      4. Antivirus Programs
      5. How to Avoid Viruses
      6. Antivirus Software Companies
      7. Tomorrow and Beyond
      8. Summary
    19. Get Your Web Site
      1. HTML
      2. Web Site Hosting
      3. About Domain Name Registration
      4. HTML editors
      5. Adding Graphics
      6. Web Tools to Enhance Your Web Site
      7. XML
      8. Flash
      9. Summary
    20. Web Programming Languages
      1. Client-Side vs. Server-Side Languages
      2. Summary
    21. The Blog Phenomenon
      1. History
      2. Types of Blogs
      3. How to Blog
      4. Some Popular Blogging Tools
      5. Skinning a Blog
      6. At a Loss for Words?
      7. Publicity and Popularity
      8. The Blogging Glass House
      9. Etiquette
      10. Antiblog Sentiment
      11. Summary
    22. Streaming Media
      1. Background
      2. What Is Streaming?
      3. Streaming Media Today
      4. How Streaming Media Works
      5. Streaming Media System Components
      6. Protocols and Codecs
      7. Streaming Media Platforms
      8. The Streaming Media Process
      9. Advertising
      10. Live Broadcasting on the Internet
      11. Summary
    23. How a Modem (Really) Works
      1. Cable, DSL, and ISP Modems
      2. A Little Modem History
      3. Standards and Protocols
      4. Modem Architectures
      5. Bandwidth: Voiceband and Broadband
      6. Integrated Services Digital Network
      7. Cable
      8. Digital Subscriber Line
      9. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
      10. Satellite Internet Access
      11. Security Precautions
      12. Summary
    24. Networking
      1. When Does it Make Sense for Me to Network My Home?
      2. Network Components
      3. Wired Options
      4. Home Networks for Dialup
      5. Home Networks for Broadband
      6. Planning and Installation
      7. Summary
    25. Handhelds, Phones, and PDAs
      1. Handheld Devices Today
      2. Handheld Equipment
      3. Go Wireless
      4. Connecting
      5. Security and Handheld Devices
      6. Summary
    26. The Ten-Step Commute
      1. Who Needs Remote Access?
      2. Your Remote Access Choices
      3. Remote Access VPNs
      4. Other Remote Access Methods
      5. Protect Your Information: Remote Access Security
      6. Getting Started with the Right Remote Access
      7. Summary
    27. Internet Marketing
      1. The Web Is Only Part of the Puzzle
      2. Start Thinking
      3. You Say Tomato
      4. Low Cost, High Return
      5. Subscribers: Your Greatest Resource
      6. Click Here to Make Money
      7. Syndication: Write Once, Read Anywhere
      8. The Challenge
      9. 50 Ways to Make a Successful Online Publishing Business
      10. Summary
    28. Webcams
      1. A Webcam Is...
      2. Early Webcams
      3. Current Uses
      4. Webcam Basics
      5. Internet Connection
      6. Webcam Video Chat
      7. Safety First
      8. Your Online Webcam
      9. Webcam Surveillance
      10. Summary
    29. Content Management
      1. Management Areas
      2. Content
      3. An Imperfect Alliance
      4. The Origins of Content Management
      5. Staging and Production
      6. Parts of a CMS
      7. CMS Features
      8. Workflow
      9. Evaluate the Company Style
      10. Avoid Problems
      11. How to Choose a Web CMS
      12. CMS Product Overview
      13. Molehills Out of Mountains
      14. Summary
    30. The Business Web Site
      1. Choices
      2. Needs
      3. Organization
      4. Ongoing Systems Management Services
      5. Processes and Tools
      6. Technology Expertise
      7. Business Issues
      8. Summary
    31. Enterprise Instant Messaging
      1. Consumer IM Takes Off
      2. The Risks of Consumer IM Systems
      3. Business IM
      4. Enterprise IM
      5. The Interoperability Wars
      6. Summary
    32. Peer-to-Peer Communication
      1. The Client/Server Model
      2. The P2P Model
      3. Corporate/Enterprise Systems
      4. Education
      5. Entertainment
      6. Government
      7. A Basic Overview of P2P Legal Issues
      8. Summary
    33. Internet Law
      1. How Internet Law Differs
      2. Age of the Internet
      3. Global Reach
      4. Constant Evolution
      5. Napster
      6. Copyright
      7. Domain Names
      8. The Odd Couple: Internet and Trademark Law
      9. Privacy and Security
      10. Freedom of Speech
      11. Where the Harm Lies
      12. Law
      13. Summary
    34. Voice Over Internet Protocol
      1. The History of VoIP
      2. How Does VoIP Work?
      3. The Special Requirements of Voice
      4. Goals for VoIP Implementation
      5. VoIP in the Enterprise
      6. The Elements of a VoIP System
      7. The Future of VoIP
      8. VoIP on the Internet
      9. Summary