316 A.5 Web Links
4. The Internet runs on and empowers open source software.
5. You can see and fix the code that your system runs on, or your
representatives can.
6. There are no proprietary information formats unless you choose
to employ them.
7. There is no licensing to manage, no piracy, and you can upgrade
your systems as you choose.
8. You are free to change and mix products from different platforms,
vendors, and service providers.
9. You can do your own integration and customization.
10. It costs less money for licenses and less for hardware, and no more
for staffing, support, or anything else.
A.5 Web Links
This set of technologies and practices is large enough and new enough that
we all need a variety of resources to learn about them and stay on top of
them. Fortunately, the Internet comes to our aid here. Some useful URLs
are included in Table A.2. There is a tremendous amount of literature,
including system documentation, on the Internet and this should usually be
the first place to look. The user manuals for GIMP and MySQL are just
two examples of really high-quality, online documentation. The Web links
in Table A.2 are a small sample of the resources available.
Table A.2 Web Links
URL Description Comment
Table of Linux equivalents for
Lists all of the open
source Linux equivalents
for programs on Win-
freshmeat.net Freshmeat Index of available open
source projects
sourceforge.net SourceForge Repository of open
source code and center
of open source software
A.5 Web Links 317
Appendix A
www.apache.org Apache Foundation Manages the Apache
Web browser develop-
ment team, and also
related products includ-
ing Jakarta.
www.dwheeler.com/oss_fs_why.html Why OSS/FSS? Essential resources if
compiling data on open
source market share or
www.fedstats.gov FedStats Useful site of informa-
tion on U.S. statistics
www.freebsd.org Free BSD The “other” free operat-
ing system.
www.fsf.org/philosophy/free-sw.html Free software and GPL Essential philosophy
www.gnome.org Gnome Foundation Manage development of
Gnome desktop and
tools, including Evolu-
www.gnu.org Home of GNU and FSF
www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux IBM Developer Works Linux
Often a good resource
for non-proprietary
tools, in addition of
course to the IBM tools.
www.kbst.bund.de German federal government site search the English docu-
www.kuro5hin.org Kuro5hin Discussion site on tech-
nology and culture
www.linux.org Linux Linux
www.linuxjournal.com Linux Journal Monthly magazine
www.linux-laptop.net Linux on Laptops Information on install-
ing Linux on laptops
www.linux-mag.com Linux Magazine Another Linux magazine
www.mozilla.org Mozilla Home site for Mozilla
browser and other soft-
Table A.2 Web Links (continued)
URL Description Comment
318 A.5 Web Links
www.newsforge.com NewsForge Online daily newspaper
for Linux and open
www.netcraft.com NetCraft Reports on Web soft-
ware usage
www.objectwatch.com Object Watch Roger Sessions devel-
oper site. Good pricing
spreadsheet. Great on
WebSphere versus .Net.
www.opengroup.org Open Group Manages open stan-
dards, including the
www.opensource.org Open Source Initiative Manages the Open
Source Definition and
keeps list of approved
software licenses.
www.python.org Python Main Python site
www.redbooks.ibm.com IBM RedBooks Practical books on soft-
ware issues
www.securityspace.com Security Space Research reports on e.g.
Apache module usage
www.slashdot.org Slashdot Essential reading on
technology-related sub-
jects every day
www.ssc.com/glue/groups Groups of Linux users every-
Big list of user groups
www.stanford.edu/class/cs240/readings Readings in computer history This directory contains
many useful papers
including Richard Gab-
riel’s paper on the UNIX
design philosophy, The
Rise of "Worse is Better"
www.tldp.org The Linux Documentation
Great resource for Linux
www.tpc.org TPC Database benchmarks
Table A.2 Web Links (continued)
URL Description Comment
A.5 Web Links 319
Appendix A
www.w3.org W3C World Wide Web Con-
sortium; the major stan-
dards body of the Web.
www.xfree.org XFree86 The open source Intel
implementation of the X
Windows System.
http:www.opensource.org/licenses Repository for all open source
Essential resource.
Table A.2 Web Links (continued)
URL Description Comment
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