Chapter 15. Linux Networking


  • Configuring an IP network

  • Address Resolution Protocol

  • Working with IPX networks

  • Using networking tools

  • Troubleshooting your network

  • Setting up wireless networking and Bluetooth

Utilizing Linux in a networked environment, whether it is serving data or providing a service, is the main driving force for the operating system into the enterprise market. When you install SUSE, you are given the option to configure your network during system configuration. In this chapter, we delve into configuring the network using the command-line tools. Knowing how to use the tools directly as opposed to using the SUSE management tools can be a very good way to learn how your system works.


We talked about configuring your network in Chapter 1. The network configuration after SUSE has been installed is exactly the same as the network configuration during installation. See Chapter 9 for more information on how to access your network configuration using the YaST tool.

Also, in this chapter we talk about ping and traceroute, which you can use to make life just that little bit easier when troubleshooting your network.

Finally, configuring your network when you use a wire-based network card is quite different from a wireless network card, and we discuss this issue in this chapter. And with Linux having support for Bluetooth, we discuss its uses and the applications that are available to set up and pair with your Bluetooth devices.

Configuring an IP Network

As we have talked ...

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