OpenCL in Action

Book description

OpenCL in Action is a thorough, hands-on presentation of OpenCL, with an eye toward showing developers how to build high-performance applications of their own. It begins by presenting the core concepts behind OpenCL, including vector computing, parallel programming, and multi-threaded operations, and then guides you step-by-step from simple data structures to complex functions.

About the Technology

Whatever system you have, it probably has more raw processing power than you're using. OpenCL is a high-performance programming language that maximizes computational power by executing on CPUs, graphics processors, and other number-crunching devices. It's perfect for speed-sensitive tasks like vector computing, matrix operations, and graphics acceleration.

About the Book

OpenCL in Action blends the theory of parallel computing with the practical reality of building high-performance applications using OpenCL. It first guides you through the fundamental data structures in an intuitive manner. Then, it explains techniques for high-speed sorting, image processing, matrix operations, and fast Fourier transform. The book concludes with a deep look at the all-important subject of graphics acceleration. Numerous challenging examples give you different ways to experiment with working code.

A background in C or C++ is helpful, but no prior exposure to OpenCL is needed.

What's Inside
  • Learn OpenCL step by step
  • Tons of annotated code
  • Tested algorithms for maximum performance

About the Reader

A background in C or C++ is helpful, but no prior exposure to OpenCL is needed.

About the Author

Matthew Scarpino has over 12 years of experience developing high-performance applications for embedded systems. He's the author of Programming the Cell Processor.

"Thorough coverage of a difficult topic... excellent explanations of concepts."
- John J. Ryan III, Princigration LLC

"Well-researched and a good read. It's difficult to find this information elsewhere."
- Seth Price, Utah State University

"Lucis explanation of OpenCL with many well-chosen applications."
- Jörn Dinkla, Consultant

"Clearly the best OpenCL reference and hands-on guide out there, packed with amazing real-world examples."
- Olivier Chafik, Creator of JavaCL and ScalaCL

Product information

  • Title: OpenCL in Action
  • Author(s): Matthew Scarpino
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617290176