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openFrameworks Interactivity

Video Description

A practical guide to creating audio-visual interactive projects with low-level data processing using openFrameworks

About This Video

  • Your one-stop guide to learning the various concepts of interactivity with openFrameworks

  • Fundamental concepts of openFrameworks visited using real-world examples

  • Structured course content with efficient solutions to everyday queries and problems

  • In Detail

    openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. In this course you will learn openFrameworks basics and become familiar with processing various kinds of data, including video, sound and networking. Also, you will learn how to use in openFrameworks project many kinds of external devices, such as cameras, Arduino, USB-controllers and joysticks.

    You will start with learning how to install openFrameworks on different platforms and create simple openFrameworks project. Also, you will learn how to use most notable built-in examples and addons, which demonstrate basic openFrameworks possibilities. After that you will look into basics of programming multimedia with openFrameworks. You will learn how to generate graphics, work with videos and program sound playing and recording. Finally, you will learn how to communicate with other programs and additional hardware. You will lean about networking capabilities and various additional devices in your openFrameworks project.