Drawing a 2D image in a window using the fragment shader and the SOIL image loading library

We will wrap up this chapter with a recipe for creating a simple image viewer in the OpenGL v3.3 core profile using the SOIL image loading library.

Getting ready

After setting up the Visual Studio environment, we can now work with the SOIL library. The code for this recipe is in the Chapter1/ImageLoader directory.

How to do it…

Let us now implement the image loader by following these steps:

  1. Load the image using the SOIL library. Since the loaded image from SOIL is inverted vertically, we flip the image on the Y axis.
    int texture_width = 0, texture_height = 0, channels=0; GLubyte* pData = SOIL_load_image(filename.c_str(), &texture_width, &texture_height, &channels, ...

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