Appendix E. OpenGL ES 2.0 on the iPhone 3GS

On June 8, 2009, at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the new iPhone 3GS was announced, which Apple confirmed would support OpenGL ES 2.0. At the same time, Apple made available to developers a seed version of the iPhone SDK 3.0 that included support for OpenGL ES 2.0. The new iPhone SDK allows developers to write applications for the iPhone 3GS that use OpenGL ES 2.0 for rendering 3D graphics.

The introduction of the iPhone 3GS to the market marks a major milestone in the adoption of OpenGL ES 2.0. This new iPhone will put the power of programmable 3D graphics in the hands of millions of consumers. With this capability comes the challenge to developers of getting the most out of the programmable ...

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