Opt-Out Effect, The: Marketing Strategies that Empower Consumers and Win Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty

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&>will control your brand relationship, there’s only way to win: help them do it. The Opt-Out Effect shows you how.

Marketing thought leader Gerald Smith brings together new research data, powerful strategies, and indispensable tools for implementing customer-centric brand management that supports today’s customers and earns their loyalty.

You’ll master new digital brand management best practices hands-on, via realistic exercises and well-tested worksheets and templates you can use in your own environment. Nicholson and Smith ground their recommendations in evidence, unveiling important new research from Pitney Bowes and Kitewheel that illuminates the viewpoints of nearly 1,000 marketers and 1,000 consumers across several leading industries.

Learn how to:

  • Quantify what opt-out is costing your business in dollars and cents

  • Control opt-out by empowering customers with opt-up, opt-down, and opt-in user preferences

  • Reframe brand strategy as customer-centric, building on radically new assumptions, languages, and beliefs about marketing

  • Use customer analytics to listen to, sense, and engage customers “in the moment”

  • Apply customer-centric concepts such as Opt-Out Monetization, Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty, Customer-Driven Lifetime Value, and Customer-Driven Brand Equity

  • Profitably empower customers to control their messaging, media, channels, offerings, and more

  • Integrate your key customer relationship measures in a complete e-driven customer managed marketing framework that helps you clarify your goals, priorities, and performance

  • Table of contents

    1. Praise Endorsements
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Authors
    8. Introduction
    9. Chapter 1 The Age of the Customer
      1. The Empowered Customer
      2. Smart Brands Engage Consumers
      3. Researching Customer Empowerment
      4. An Omni-Channel World
      5. Connected Consumers Create On-Demand Expectations
      6. Socially Empowered Consumers
      7. Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty
      8. Build Consumer Trust
      9. Conclusion
    10. Chapter 2 The Opt-Out Effect
      1. Marketers: Advocates or Adversaries
      2. Outbound to Inbound Marketing
      3. The New Strategic Marketing Era: Boundless Marketing
      4. Trending Toward Customer Opt-Out
      5. The Opt-Out Effect
      6. The Cumulative Effect of Opt-Out
      7. Classes of Opt-Out
      8. The Financial Impact of Opt-Out
      9. Considering the Financial Impact of Consumer Opt-Out on CLV
      10. Regulatory Involvement and Opt-Out
      11. Conclusion
    11. Chapter 3 The New Look of Loyalty
      1. The Emerging Digital Dimension of the Customer–Brand Relationship
      2. Early Customer Relationship Management
      3. Transitioning to a New Paradigm in Customer Loyalty
      4. Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty
      5. The Impact of Experience on Loyalty
      6. Demonstrating Loyalty to Consumers with Surprise and Delight
      7. Expectations and Drivers of Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty
      8. How Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty Builds Market-Based Assets
      9. Market-Based Assets and Customer Lifetime Value
      10. CLV and Customer Brand Equity
      11. Conclusion
    12. Chapter 4 Customer-Managed Experience
      1. Customer Centricity: Foundation of CMEx
      2. Customer Experience: Shaping CMEx
      3. Customer Engagement: Activating CMEx
      4. Customer Managed: Enabling Customers to Manage CMEx
      5. Dominant Experience Expectations: The New Competitive Standard
      6. Customer Journeys
      7. McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey Model
      8. McKinsey’s New Accelerated Consumer Decision Journey
      9. Oracle’s Customer Experience Infinity Loop Model
      10. Monitoring and Engaging with Customer Journeys
      11. Measuring and Analyzing Customer Journeys
      12. Visualizing Actual Customer Journeys
      13. Designing and Building Customer Journeys
      14. Conclusion
    13. Chapter 5 Managing Moments of Truth and Opt-Out
      1. Moments of Truth
      2. Anticipating Triggers, or Moments of Need
      3. Measurements that Matter
      4. Empowering Customers to Manage the Cost of Brand Relationships
      5. Opt-In/Out, Up/Down: Empowering Customers to Manage the Soft Costs
      6. Best-In-Class Preference Management Experience
      7. Conclusion
    14. Chapter 6 The New Brand Manager in the Digital Economy
      1. The Impact of the Digital Economy on Brand Management
      2. The Customer and the Brand Manager in the Digital Economy
      3. Customers as Brand Managers in the Digital Economy
      4. Consumer Engagement and Involvement with the Brand
      5. Brand Managers in a Customer-Centric Digital Economy
      6. Digital Brand Management
    15. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Opt-Out Effect, The: Marketing Strategies that Empower Consumers and Win Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty
    • Author(s): Gerald E. Smith
    • Release date: December 2015
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780134191560