Chapter 24

FTTX Worldwide Deployment

Vincent O’Byrnea, 1, Chang Hee Leeb, 2, Yoon Kimb, 3 and Zisen Zhaoc, 4,    aVerizon, USA, bKAIST, Korea, cWuhan Research Institute, Fiberhome, South America, 1vincent.o’,,,

24.1 Introduction

The copper network has been deployed since the late 1800s across the world in order to meet the needs of the residential and business communities. However, with the increase in subscriber demands for internet speeds and broadband in general over the last 10–15 years the underlying copper technologies, based on DSL (Digital Subscriber Loop) variants such as ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) and VDSL (Very high DSL), have been found to have limiting capacity ...

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