The Editor


Chapter 1 Basic Theory on Optical Properties of Solids                  Moriaki Wakaki and Keiei Kudo (deceased)

Chapter 2 Optical Materials for Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared                  Toshihiro Arai (deceased) and Moriaki Wakaki

Chapter 3 Materials for Nonlinear Optics                  Toshihiro Arai (deceased) and Moriaki Wakaki

Chapter 4 Materials for Solid-State Lasers                  Taro Itatani

Chapter 5 Materials for Optical Waveguides                  Bishnu P. Pal

Chapter 6 Materials for Optical Thin Films                  Takehisa Shibuya

Chapter 7 Materials for Nanophotonics                  Kiyoshi Asakawa


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