IP Networking of ONS 15454 SDH Nodes for OAM&P

This section explains how to set up ONS 15454 SDHs in an IP OAM&P network. ONS 15454 SDHs can be connected in many different ways within an IP environment:

  • They can be connected to LANs through direct connections or a router.

  • IP subnetting can create ONS 15454 SDH node groups that enable you to provision non-DCC-connected nodes in a network.

  • Different IP functions and protocols can be used to achieve specific network goals. For example, Proxy Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) enables one LAN-connected ONS 15454 SDH to serve as a gateway for ONS 15454 SDHs that are not connected to the LAN.

  • You can create static routes to enable connections among multiple CTC sessions with ONS 15454 SDHs that reside ...

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