A1.1 SUPPLEMENTAL Microsoft® Office Excel® FILES

This book is supported by a website that contains supplementary files. Specifically, the website contains a collection of Excel files corresponding to all of the spreadsheet exhibits in the book. This collection is not intended merely for backup purposes: You are encouraged to open these files while reading the text and to explore them carefully. This exploration provides a hands-on feel for the text’s examples, and the files potentially serve as templates for other model-building efforts.

A second collection of Excel files contains data sets for selected end-of-chapter exercises and cases. The data sets are provided for situations in which it would be tedious to enter all the data into an Excel file for the purpose of working on the exercise.

Some of the chapters and cases contain references to an existing spreadsheet model. The website also contains Excel files for these models.

The website can be found at the following location:


Purchasers of this book may download a powerful, Windows-based software package called Analytic Solver Platform for Education (ASPE) that was developed by the same team that created Excel’s Solver. ASPE combines two software programs, Risk Solver Platform for Education (RSPE) and XLMiner for Education (XLME). XLME contains algorithms for data mining ...

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