Words Are Key to Customers: Keyword Research

“Sandra Manager” is a midlevel marketing manager at a paper supply firm in the Midwest. She is in her early thirties and has 10 years of industry experience, 5 in a supervisory role at her current company. She is active on social networks in her daily life, but struggles with how she can best connect with new customers through social channels.

You work for a start-up software company that offers a customer relationship management (CRM) software product. Its most compelling feature is an ability to integrate with multiple social media platforms. Oh, and “Sandra Manager” has just been given a new software budget.

What’s important to realize about “Sandra Manager” is this: She is a persona, or the character you’ve created to represent your target prospect. Developing your personas by following processes laid out in Chapter 6 will help you see your prospects in a much brighter light. You will be able to theorize on everything from what they had for breakfast that morning to why they can’t stand Harry Potter. Essentially, you will know just about everything relevant to your product that could influence your customer personas. But, as an online marketer, unless you combine persona development with keyword research, you will be missing detail regarding one critical factor: the language your prospects use to search and socialize.

Traditional SEO copywriting recommendations often focus on finding and using keywords based primarily ...

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