ASM 11g R1 new features

ASM functionality has been further enhanced in Version 11g R1 with additional new features to support ASM rolling upgrades, faster ASM mirror disk resync and rebalance, preferred mirror read, new SYSASM privilege, an extended functionality in ASMCMD utility to backup and restore disk group and its metadata, disk group compatibility, and so on. In the following section, we are going to describe some of the new features:

  • ASM fast mirror resync
  • ASM preferred mirror read
  • ASM fast rebalance
  • ASM disk group compatibility attributes
  • ASM performance enhancements
  • New SYSASM role

ASM fast mirror resync

If a disk from a normal or high redundancy level disk group becomes unavailable (offline) for any reason, for example, due to a disk path ...

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