ASM 11g R2 new features

Although there are several new features and significant enhancements made with ASM 11g R2, we shall discuss and focus only on the following key new features:

  • Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant (ASMCA)
  • Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manager
  • Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS)
  • ACFS snapshots
  • ASM intelligent data placement
  • ASMCMD enhancements

Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant (ASMCA)

Pre-Oracle 11g R2, DBCA (a graphical interface tool) was one of the most convenient ways to manage most of the ASM-related tasks. However, with 11g R2, the DBCA no longer supports ASM management. Instead, a new graphical interface tool, Automatic Storage Management Configuration (

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