Chapter 8. Building Oracle Applications with Java

Although Java itself isn’t an open source technology, more and more Java developers are building open source environments and applications with this popular language. In this chapter, we’ll focus on two main areas of Java open source activity as they relate to Oracle open source applications. First, we’ll look at three JDBC-based Oracle GUI applications:


Provides Oracle database administrators with a complete toolkit of DBA tools for browsing and manipulating database objects. jDBA is similar in concept to the Orac tool, which is based on Perl/Tk and described in Chapter 4. jDBA provides a familiar set of functions that allow you to browse tablespaces, synonyms, views, tables, and other objects, and to manipulate the data within these objects.


A Java GUI built with the very latest Java Swing components. ViennaSQL provides an excellent Java-based substitute for SQL*Plus. Like jDBA, this tool lets you examine and manipulate objects in an Oracle database.


A client for Oracle that allows you to browse the data in your Oracle database and to execute SQL.

Later in the chapter, we’ll turn our attention to a trailblazing open source project that combines the best of Oracle and Java:

DB Prism

An open source framework, DB Prism is a servlet engine that can work either as a standalone servlet or plugged into Cocoon. It makes use of Apache JServ, Oracle, PL/SQL, and Java. Using DB Prism, applications built using the ...

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