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Oracle APEX Techniques

Video Description

Go beyond the basics and explore how to make the most of the Oracle Application Express environment

About This Video

  • Make the most of the extensibility of Oracle APEX 4.2

  • Deploy dynamic actions to make your application more interactive without needing to learn JavaScript

  • Provided with practical examples and solutions to problems you will encounter as you start to push the product to fit your requirements

  • In Detail

    Oracle Application Express 4.2 is a diverse web application development tool that helps you build and deploy applications with the latest techniques in JavaScript. A great way to learn these techniques is by watching how Oracle APEX can be used as a tool to create a feature-rich application that comes together before your eyes in small, concise sections, which gives you a chance to repeat the process yourself.

    APEX provides you with the ability to extend what's provided out of the box. This video series shows you how to do this - from using Dynamic Actions, to adding JavaScript declaratively, to using multiple reporting options, and the supplied API, down to securing your application from attacks.

    Starting by creating a workspace, you will construct a basic application, learn techniques to go beyond the basics, and conclude with the knowledge on how to apply this to your own development environment.

    You will learn how to create and enhance your own theme template, add JavaScript and visual effects to your application, deploy Dynamic Actions, create and configure an Interactive report, process custom tabular forms, debug an APEX application, and finally expand and secure the development environment, allowing you to enhance your application to a new level in APEX.

    Oracle APEX Techniques is a course that doesn't just teach you how to build a simple application, it will provide you with the skills necessary to expand your applications beyond the basics.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Oracle APEX Techniques
      1. Creating Your Workspace 00:04:23
      2. Creating Your First Application 00:02:27
      3. Creating Your First Pages 00:03:31
      4. Creating Your First Item on a Page 00:02:26
      5. Finding Your Way around APEX 00:03:58
    2. Chapter 2 : Managing Your Themes and Templates
      1. Creating Your Own Theme 00:03:53
      2. Creating a Custom Template 00:03:02
      3. Including Images in your Application 00:03:03
      4. Referencing CSS 00:02:28
      5. Controlling Layout 00:03:24
    3. Chapter 3 : Extending APEX
      1. Adding JavaScript to Your Application 00:02:39
      2. Adding Visual Effects to Your Application 00:03:15
      3. Loading Delimited Data 00:03:50
      4. Inserting Multimedia to Your Application 00:03:45
      5. Consume an Item Plug-in 00:03:58
    4. Chpater 4 : Extending APEX
      1. Getting Data from the DB without Submitting a Page 00:03:49
      2. Updating the Database without Submitting a Page 00:02:52
      3. Disabling Fields Based on Item Selection 00:04:01
      4. Refreshing a Report Like Google Search Does 00:02:36
      5. Adding Browser-level Item Validation 00:02:35
    5. Chapter 5 : Reporting from APEX
      1. Creating a Hidden Report and Linking CSV Downloads to a Button 00:03:42
      2. Creating an Interactive Report 00:03:48
      3. Configuring an Interactive Report 00:03:56
      4. Understanding an Interactive Report – Detail View 00:02:54
      5. Reporting using BI Publisher 00:02:52
    6. Chapter 6 : Using Supplied APEX APIs
      1. Processing Custom Tabular Forms 00:04:35
      2. Reading a Checkbox Programmatically 00:03:00
      3. Using APEX_application.help 00:02:26
      4. Counting Clicks with APEX_util.count_click 00:02:19
      5. Managing your Workspace with Supplied APIs 00:02:11
    7. Chapter 7 : Looking closer at the APEX Environment
      1. Setting up Application Subscriptions 00:03:13
      2. Debugging an APEX Application 00:02:12
      3. Debugging using the Browser 00:02:07
      4. Deploying and Managing APEX with SQL Developer 00:02:07
      5. Expanding the Development Environment Section 8: Configuring APEX Security 00:01:48
    8. Chapter 8 : Configuring APEX Security
      1. Securing your Application with Custom Authentication 00:03:45
      2. Protecting your Pages with Authorization Schemes 00:02:51
      3. Configuring Session State Protection 00:02:41
      4. Cross-site Scripting 00:02:34
      5. Mitigating SQL Injection 00:02:57