Oracle Application Express Administration: For DBAs and Developers

Book description

Succeed in managing Oracle Application Express (APEX) environments. This book focuses on creating the right combination of scalability, high-availability, backup and recovery, integrity, and resource control. The book covers everything from simple to enterprise-class deployments, with emphasis on enterprise-level requirements and coverage of cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios.

Many books cover how to develop applications in Oracle APEX. It's a tool with a fast-growing user-base as developers come to know how quick and easy it is to create new applications that run in a browser. However, just getting an application off the ground is only a small part of a bigger picture. Applications must be supported. They must be available when users need them. They must be robust against disaster and secure against malicious attack. These are the issues addressed in Oracle Application Express Administration. These are the issues that when tackled successfully lead to long term success in using Oracle APEX as a rapid application-development toolset.

Readers of this book learn how to install the Oracle APEX engine in support of small-scale projects such as at the departmental level, and in support of enterprise-level projects accessed by thousands of users across dozens of time zones. Readers learn to take advantage of Oracle Database's underlying feature set in regards to application scalability and performance, integrity, security, high-availability, and robustness against failure and data loss. Oracle Application Express Administration also describes different cloud solutions, integration with Oracle E-Business Suite, and helps in taking advantage of multitenancy in Oracle Database 12c and beyond.

  • Covers important enterprise considerations such as scalability, robustness, high-availability.

  • Describes cloud-based application deployment scenarios

  • Focuses on creating the right deployment environment for long-term success

What You Will Learn

  • Install, upgrade, and configure robust APEX environments

  • Back up and recover APEX applications and their data

  • Monitor and tune the APEX engine and its applications

  • Benefit from new administration features in APEX 5.0

  • Run under multi-tenant architecture in Oracle Database 12c

  • Manage the use of scarce resources with Resource Manager

  • Secure your data with advanced security features

  • Build high-availability into your APEX deployments

  • Integrate APEX with Oracle E-Business Suite

Who This Book Is For

Architects, administrators, and developers who want to better understand how APEX works in a corporate environment. Readers will use this book to design deployment architectures around Oracle Database strengths like multi-tenancy, resource management, and high availability. The book is also useful to administrators responsible for installation and upgrade, backup and recovery, and the ongoing monitoring of the APEX engine and the applications built upon it.

Product information

  • Title: Oracle Application Express Administration: For DBAs and Developers
  • Author(s): Francis Mignault, Luc Demanche
  • Release date: October 2016
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484219584