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Oracle Application Express Forms Converter

Book Description

Convert your Oracle Forms applications to Oracle APEX successfully

  • Convert your Oracle Forms Applications to Oracle APEX

  • Master the different stages of a successful Oracle Forms to APEX conversion project

  • Packed with screenshots and clear explanations to facilitate learning

  • A step-by-step tutorial providing a proper understanding of Oracle conversion concepts

In Detail

Although Oracle Forms remains popular, many developers now see Oracle APEX as a preferred technology. Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX conversion projects follow a well-defined procedure, but sub-procedures and complexities can arise that make such conversion projects a challenging job. This book will take you through a real Oracle Forms to APEX conversion project. It explains all the elements of the conversion, from generating XML files to the deployment of a working APEX application. By the end of this book, you will have mastered the process of Forms conversion.

The book starts with the details of the Forms project, and prepares you for the conversion process. You will use the rwconverter and Reports Builder in Oracle Developer Suite to generate XML and other useful files. You will plan and define the business logic for your conversion project. You will use the Forms Converter in Oracle APEX to convert and customize your Oracle Forms applications. Finally, you will deploy your application.

With this book you will understand what a Forms Conversion project in Oracle APEX means, what needs to be done, and what steps are necessary in order to create a fully functional and meaningful conversion project. This book shows the best way to convert applications from Forms to APEX.

Table of Contents

  1. Oracle Application Express Forms Converter
    1. Oracle Application Express Forms Converter
    2. Credits
    3. Foreword
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. Preface
      1. Oracle Forms
      2. Oracle Application Express
      3. Forms conversion
      4. Generate Application Express applications
      5. Possibilities and benefits
      6. Comparison
      7. Differences between Forms and APEX
      8. More information
      9. Onwards
      10. Conventions
      11. Reader feedback
      12. Customer support
        1. Errata
        2. Piracy
        3. Questions
    7. 1. Understanding your Project
      1. Reasons for conversion
        1. Functional reasons
        2. Technical reasons
      2. Understanding the functionality
        1. The application
        2. Business process
        3. User interaction
        4. User roles
      3. Understanding the technicality
        1. Components
        2. Architecture
        3. Forms builder
      4. Modules and iterations
        1. Modules
        2. Iterations
      5. Summary
    8. 2. Preparing your Forms Conversion
      1. Get your stuff!
      2. Creating XML files
        1. The Forms2XML conversion tool
          1. Forms Modules
          2. Object Libraries
          3. Forms Menus
          4. Report Files
          5. PL/SQL Libraries
      3. Understanding XML
      4. The target database
      5. Summary
    9. 3. Create your Forms Conversion project
      1. Getting started
        1. Creating the project
        2. Adding additional sources
        3. The project page
        4. Editing the project
          1. Deleting the project
          2. Editing project details
            1. Project details
          3. Applicability
          4. Set application defaults
            1. Tabs
            2. Authentication
            3. Theme
            4. Globalization
      2. Summary
    10. 4. Planning your Project
      1. The project page
      2. Inside our project
        1. Component
        2. Count
        3. Equivalent component
        4. Implementation Details
        5. Included
        6. File Name
        7. Applicable
      3. What we need to do
        1. Blocks
        2. Triggers
        3. Lists of Values
        4. Alerts
        5. Program Units
      4. Component annotations
      5. Completion status
      6. Assign developers
      7. Project planning
      8. Using annotations
        1. Applicability and completeness
        2. Assignees
        3. Tags
      9. Summary
    11. 5. Getting your Logic Right!
      1. Pre-generation editing
      2. Investigating
      3. Data blocks
      4. Block items
      5. Original versus Enhanced Query
      6. Triggers
      7. Custom Query
      8. Generation
      9. Editing
      10. Analyzing business logic
        1. Alerts
        2. Program units
        3. Libraries
        4. Triggers
      11. Summary
    12. 6. Generating your Application
      1. Setting the project
      2. Start the generation
      3. Application design models
      4. Check the pages
      5. Adding pages
      6. Selecting a theme
      7. Create the application
      8. Run the application
      9. Summary
    13. 7. Reviewing and Customizing your Application
      1. The home page
      2. Lists of Values
      3. Validations
      4. Back to the project page
      5. Titles and names
      6. Summary
    14. 8. Delivering your Application
      1. Steps in application delivery
      2. Integrating modules and applications
      3. Authentication integration
        1. Integrating with Oracle Single Sign-On
      4. User acceptance
      5. Training
      6. Deploying
        1. Exporting the application
        2. Importing the application
      7. Summary