Chapter 3. Systems Management

Many Oracle Application Server users aren’t aware of all the management activities that go on around them. But comprehensive and effective systems management is vital to providing a reliable, available, and secure environment. Without this management, even the most highly functional environment may not be optimally implemented or used. In Oracle Application Server, the focus of systems management is Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g is the latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager, a management tool framework with a graphical user interface that can manage a variety of Oracle products, including Oracle Database, Collaboration Suite, E-Business Suite, and, of course, Oracle Application Server. Oracle distributed the first version of Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle7 and added a browser-based Oracle Enterprise Manager console (built with Java) with Oracle8i and an HTML console with Oracle9iAS.

Every time a new Oracle product or product version is introduced, the new features and capabilities also introduce new management challenges. In the past, keeping up with this ever-increasing list of features required a fairly steep learning curve for novices. Recently, however, Oracle has simplified management by providing self-managing and self-tuning features in its products and by implementing more automated management facilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.


Our focus in this chapter is the use of Oracle Enterprise Manager ...

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