Development Tools

Writing programs in Java can be accomplished with something as simple as your favorite text editor and the javac compiler. However, developing business applications with Java (or any other language, for that matter) requires a host of tools and technologies. To simplify management of the tools and technologies required for application development, and at the same time improve the efficiency of the development staff, IDEs were created.

An IDE combines a modeling tool, text editor, compiler, make utility, deployment tool, and so on, into one application that seamlessly integrates the use of each tool with the next during the development life cycle. As you will see shortly, many IDE vendors provide support for Oracle Application Server, typically as a deployment destination.

Oracle JDeveloper

Oracle JDeveloper is Oracle’s IDE for Java. Oracle JDeveloper, an excellent IDE in its own right, is tightly integrated with Oracle Application Server. Because it is so tightly integrated, this section will spend a little time providing an overview of this tool.


Oracle JDeveloper is a J2EE, XML, and PL/SQL development environment that supports the full development life cycle, from modeling a business solution through its deployment. The IDE itself is extensible, so other development tools and technologies can be added to the environment as needed.

Oracle JDeveloper provides tools for source code control, data and object modeling, coding, debugging, profiling, and deployment. The ...

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