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Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses

Book Description

Master the Combined Analysis Tools in Oracle CRM on Demand Drive better decision-making across your enterprise using the reporting and analysis techniques in this Oracle Press guide. Through clear explanations and detailed case studies, Oracle CRM on Demand Combined Analyses shows you how to deliver real-time insightful business intelligence to end users.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. CHAPTER 1 Getting Started with Combined Analyses
    1. About Oracle CRM On Demand
    2. Access Control for Report Developers
      1. Company Profile Setting Affecting Reports and Dashboards
      2. User Profile Settings Affecting Reports
    3. Introduction to Combined Analyses
    4. What Is a Combined Analysis?
    5. When Do I Need a Combined Analysis?
      1. Need to Combine Subject Areas
      2. Need to Combine Similar Columns on a Single Record
      3. Negative (Null) Reporting
      4. Federated Reporting
    6. Advanced – Combine with Similar Analysis Function
    7. Set Operators
      1. Union Set Operator
    8. The Importance of Planning
      1. Filtering Combined Analyses
  10. CHAPTER 2 Combined Analysis Basics
    1. Basic Combined Analyses
      1. Criteria Reports
      2. Result Columns
      3. Report Views
      4. Pivot Tables
      5. Filter Prompts
    2. Classifications of Combined Analyses
      1. Unified Reporting
      2. Federated Reporting
  11. CHAPTER 3 Negative (Null) Reporting
    1. Determining When Negative Reporting Is Required
    2. Combining Criteria to Expose Missing Data
      1. Negative Reporting Step by Step
      2. Simple Negative Report Summary
      3. Complex Negative Report
      4. Negative Reporting Summary
  12. CHAPTER 4 Layout Considerations
    1. Layout Challenges with Combined Analyses
      1. Using Pivot Tables in Combined Analyses
      2. Charting in Combined Analyses
      3. Other Views
  13. CHAPTER 5 Result Columns
    1. Adding Result Columns
    2. Formatting Data in Combined Analyses
      1. Style Tab
      2. Column Format
      3. Data Format
      4. Conditional Format
      5. Sorting Columns
    3. Writing Result Column Formulas
      1. Aggregation Functions
  14. CHAPTER 6 Filtering Combined Analyses
    1. Column Filters
      1. Filter Groups
      2. Other Column Filter Methods
    2. Column Filter Prompts
    3. Dashboard Filter Prompts
      1. Filter Prompt Basics
      2. Building the Combined Analysis Dashboard
  15. Index