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Oracle Database 11g: Building Oracle XML DB Applications

Book Description

Master the XML Programming Features in Oracle Database 11g

Develop, debug, and administer data-backed XML applications using the expert instruction and best practices in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Database 11g: Building Oracle XML DB Applications discusses the latest development tools, technologies, and components. Find out how to set up Oracle XML Database (Oracle XML DB), build XML applications in Oracle JDeveloper 11g, work with XSLT stylesheets, and incorporate full-text search. Troubleshooting, performance tuning, and security are also covered in this comprehensive resource.

• Create, store, and query XML types using Oracle XML DB

• Load XML documents into relational tables and define SQL views

• Parse and validate schema with Oracle XDK for Java and PL/SQL packages

• Merge documents, generate reports, and transform data using XSLT

• Construct applications from Oracle XML DB Web services

• Use Oracle JDeveloper 11g to design and deploy XML applications

• Integrate Oracle Text and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search features

• Streamline the development process using Oracle Application Express

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. About the Author
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. PART I Basic Concepts and Technologies
    1. CHAPTER 1 Introducing Oracle XML DB
      1. What Is Oracle XML DB?
      2. What Is Provided by Oracle XML DB?
      3. What Is Native XML Storage?
      4. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 2 Native XML Storage: XMLType
      1. Creating XMLTypes
      2. XML Schema–based XMLType
      3. Querying XMLTypes
      4. Updating XMLTypes
      5. Transforming XMLTypes
      6. Reading Binary XMLTypes in Java
      7. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 3 XML Database Repository
      1. Creating Resources
      2. Deleting Resources
      3. Querying XML DB Repository
      4. Linking to Resources
      5. Updating Resources
      6. Version Control
      7. Using XML DB Repository Events
      8. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 4 Parsing XML
      1. DOM Parsing in Java
      2. DOM Parsing in SQL
      3. SAX Parsing
      4. Parsing Binary XML
      5. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 5 Validating XML
      1. DTD Validation
      2. XML Schema Validation
      3. XML Schema and Namespaces
      4. Using Oracle XDK Command-Line Utility
      5. Using Oracle XDK Java APIs
      6. Using JAXB with XML Schemas
      7. Summary
    6. CHAPTER 6 Navigating XML with XPath
      1. XPath Basics
      2. Processing XPath in Java
      3. Extracting XPath from XML Documents
      4. Summary
    7. CHAPTER 7 XSL Transformations
      1. Understanding XSLT Processing
      2. Basic XSLT Features
      3. Advanced XSLT Features
      4. Running XSLT
      5. Summary
    8. CHAPTER 8 XML Query
      1. XQuery Expressions
      2. Using XMLQuery()
      3. XQuery Beyond the Basics
      4. Oracle XQuery Extensions
      5. Summary
    9. CHAPTER 9 XML and Relational Tables
      1. Creating XML from Relational Tables
      2. Creating a Relational View on XML Data
      3. Loading XML into Relational Tables
      4. Summary
    10. CHAPTER 10 Searching XML
      1. Using ora:contains()
      2. Using Oracle Text
      3. Using Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
      4. Summary
  10. PART II Managing Oracle XML Database
    1. CHAPTER 11 XML DB Installation
      1. Installing Oracle XML DB
      2. Installing Oracle XDK
      3. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 12 XML DB Storage
      1. XML Storage Options
      2. Object-Relational XMLType
      3. Binary XMLType
      4. Managing XML DB Storage
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 13 XML DB Backup and Recovery
      1. Back Up XML DB with RMAN
      2. Importing and Exporting XML with Data Pump
      3. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 14 XML DB Security and Performance Tuning
      1. Oracle XML DB Security
      2. Oracle XML DB Performance Tuning
        1. Basic XML Processing Performance
        2. Bulk XML Loading Performance
        3. XQuery Performance Tuning
      3. Summary
  11. PART III Building XML Applications
    1. CHAPTER 15 XML DB Web Services
      1. Setting Up XML DB Web Services
      2. Querying Oracle Database with Web Services
      3. Publishing PL/SQL Functions/Procedures
      4. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 16 Using Oracle JDeveloper 11g
      1. Creating the First XML Project
      2. Running Oracle XML Java Program
      3. Creating Java Stored Procedures: Basics
      4. Creating Java Stored Procedures: Advanced Topics
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 17 Pulling It All Together
      1. Creating XML Documents
      2. Storing XML in XML DB Repository
      3. Publishing XML in APEX
      4. Integrating with Full-Text Search
      5. Sending Emails Using Oracle XML DB
      6. Summary
    4. APPENDIX Installing Oracle Application Express in Oracle Database 11g
      1. Configuring Oracle APEX
      2. Uninstalling Oracle APEX
      3. Reinstalling Oracle APEX
      4. Setting Up APEX Development Environment
  12. Index