Oracle® DBA Automation Quick Reference

Book description

  • Fast, easy automation for every Oracle 9i and 10g DBA!

  • Quick access to real-world examples

  • Installation, database creation, management, monitoring, tuning, and backup/recovery

  • Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), Oracle Net Configuration Assistant (NetCA), and Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

The fast, practical Oracle 9i/10g automation reference for every DBA!

Automate Oracle—and save your time for more important tasks! This is the Oracle automation reference every working Oracle DBA needs...concise, straightforward, and incredibly easy to use. Discover proven solutions for automating installation, database creation, management, monitoring, tuning, backup/recovery, and more. Keep this book by your desk, near your server...wherever you need fast, reliable automation solutions right now!

  • Master scripting for both Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g!

  • Use Oracle Universal Installer to create response files for automating any installation

  • Use Oracle Network Configuration Assistant (NetCA) to configure network components during installation

  • Use Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create and clone databases, and to reverse engineer them into templates and scripts

  • Manage files and tablespaces, tune memory, perform backup/recovery, schedule automated administration tasks, and more

  • Extend and customize any script to your own needs

  • Includes concise reference to Perl DBI and its Oracle-specific components—with real-world examples and syntax

Product information

  • Title: Oracle® DBA Automation Quick Reference
  • Author(s): Charlie Russel, Robert Cordingley
  • Release date: April 2004
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 013140301X