Functions, like operators, act on data to return a result. However, unlike operators, functions can operate on zero, one, or more arguments. Of the built in SQL functions in Oracle 9i, there are single row functions, aggregate functions, analytical functions and object reference functions. User defined functions, that can be written in PL/SQL or Java in Oracle 9i, are not covered here.

Single Row Functions

Number Functions
Table 1-6. Single Row Number Functions
FunctionWhat it does
ABS(n)Returns absolute value of n
ACOS(n)Returns arc cosine of n in radians
ASIN(n)Returns arc sine of n in radians
ATAN(n)Returns arc tangent of n, in radians
ATAN2(n,m)Returns the arc tangent of n and m, in radians
BITAND(n,m)Computes the bitwise logical AND of ...

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