© Luc Bors, Ardhendu Samajdwer, Mascha van Oosterhout 2020
L. Bors et al.Oracle Digital Assistanthttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5422-6_3

3. Use Case

Luc Bors1 , Ardhendu Samajdwer2 and Mascha van Oosterhout2
Houten, The Netherlands
Bilthoven, The Netherlands


To make sense of the technical implementation of Oracle Digital Assistant, in this chapter, you will be introduced to Travvy, the Digital Assistant/chatbot for Extreme Hiking Holidays, a travel agency – made up by the authors – specialized in hiking holidays for adventurous people.
Figure 3-1

Extreme Hiking Holidays company web site

Extreme Hiking Holidays organizes high hiking ...

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