Entering a prepayment

A prepayment is an advance payment made to a supplier. A prepayment can be Temporary (can be applied to invoices) or Permanent (cannot be applied to invoices). In this recipe, we will create a prepayment to Office Supplies, Inc for cleaning services.

Getting ready

Log in to Oracle E-Business Suite R12 with the username and password assigned to you by the system administrator. If you are working on the vision demonstration database, you can use OPERATIONS/WELCOME as the USERNAME/PASSWORD.

How to do it...

Let's list the steps required to enter a prepayment:

  1. Select the Payables responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Invoices | Entry | Invoices.
  3. In the invoice Type field, select Prepayment.
  4. Enter Office Supplies, Inc in the Trading Partner field. ...

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