Creating tabs within a form

We are now going to add a tabbed region in the form. The new tab relates to media subscriptions and preferences. The tab will store details such as newsletter subscriptions and so on. The tab will be based upon data in a table called XXHR_PER_MEDIA_SUBS, and we will base the block in our form on a view called XXHR_PER_MEDIA_SUBS_V. Creating the tab will require a number of stages as follows:

  • Creating a tabbed region
  • Resizing objects on a canvas
  • Creating a new block
  • Setting block properties
  • Setting item properties
  • Creating program units to call database packages
  • Creating a relationship between the master and detail blocks
  • Adding a record indicator to a block
  • Sizing and positioning items on a tabbed canvas
  • Aligning a stacked canvas ...

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