Chapter 11. OIM Configuration and Tasks

In this chapter we will cover common Oracle Identity Manager configuration and key tasks including:

  • Generating WebLogic Full Client
  • Exporting/Importing/Deleting files using the MDS utility
  • OIM password policy
  • Purging the cache
  • Managing OIM configuration
  • Updating OIM server name, port, and password

WebLogic Full Client (WLfullclient)

WebLogic Full Client is a Java RMI client that uses Oracle's proprietary T3 protocol to communicate with the WebLogic server. The WebLogic Full Client requires the JAR file (wlfullclient.jar) under WebLogic Home at WL_HOME\server\lib. Various Oracle Identity Manager utilities like purgeCache, MDS utilities, and Design console use WebLogic Full Client JAR file, that is wlfullclient.jar ...

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