Import-Only Parameters

The following parameters can be used only with the Import utility.


Specifies whether the Import utility executes SQL ANALYZE statements found in the export file. The default is ANALYZE=Y. This feature is not supported with Oracle9i.

CHARSET = charsetname

Applies to Oracle Version 6 export files only and specifies the actual character set used at the time of export. The Import utility will verify whether the specified character set is ASCII or EBCDIC based on the character set in the export file. If that file was created with Oracle7 or Oracle8, the character set is specified within the export file, and conversion to the current database’s character set is automatic.


Specifies whether the import process should commit after each array insert. The default is N, which causes Import to commit after loading each table. If COMMIT=N and a table is partitioned, each partition in the export file is imported in a separate transaction. Specifying COMMIT=Y prevents rollback segments from growing too large. This setting is advisable if the table has a uniqueness constraint, because if the import is restarted, any rows that have already been imported are rejected with a nonfatal error. If a table does not have a uniqueness constraint and COMMIT=Y is specified, import could produce duplicate rows when the data is reimported.


Specifies whether the import process should compile packages, procedures, and functions when they are imported. ...

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