Chapter 14 Packages

1)Add a procedure to the student_api package called remove_student. This procedure accepts a student_id and returns nothing. Based on the student id passed in, it removes the student from the database. If the student does not exist or there is a problem removing the student (such as a foreign key constraint violation), then let the calling program handle it.
 CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE student_api AS v_current_date DATE; PROCEDURE discount; FUNCTION new_instructor_id RETURN instructor.instructor_id%TYPE; FUNCTION total_cost_for_student (p_student_id IN student.student_id%TYPE) RETURN course.cost%TYPE; PRAGMA RESTRICT_REFERENCES (total_cost_for_student, WNDS, WNPS, RNPS); PROCEDURE get_student_info (p_student_id IN student.student_id%TYPE, ...

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