Chapter 2 PL/SQL Concepts

1)In order to calculate the area of a circle, the circle’s radius must be squared and then multiplied by π. Write a program that calculates the area of a circle. The value for the radius should by provided with the help of a substitution variable. Use 3.14 for the value of π. Once the area of the circle is calculated, display it on the screen.
A1: Answer: Your answer should look similar to the following:
   v_radius NUMBER := &sv_radius; 
   v_area NUMBER; 
   v_area := POWER(v_radius, 2) * 3.14; 
      ('The area of the circle is: '||v_area); 

In this exercise, you declare two variables, v_radius and v_area, to store the values for the radius of the circle and its area, respectively. ...

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