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Oracle R Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of R in Oracle Database

Book Description

Master the Big Data Capabilities of Oracle R Enterprise

Effectively manage your enterprise’s big data and keep complex processes running smoothly using the hands-on information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle R Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of R in Oracle Database shows, step-by-step, how to create and execute large-scale predictive analytics and maintain superior performance. Discover how to explore and prepare your data, accurately model business processes, generate sophisticated graphics, and write and deploy powerful scripts. You will also find out how to effectively incorporate Oracle R Enterprise features in APEX applications, OBIEE dashboards, and Apache Hadoop systems.

Learn to:
• Install, configure, and administer Oracle R Enterprise
• Establish connections and move data to the database
• Create Oracle R Enterprise packages and functions
• Use the R language to work with data in Oracle Database
• Build models using ODM, ORE, and other algorithms
• Develop and deploy R scripts and use the R script repository
• Execute embedded R scripts and employ ORE SQL API functions
• Map and manipulate data using Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
• Use ORE in Oracle Data Miner, OBIEE, and other applications

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Introduction to Oracle R Enterprise
    1. Aim of This Book
    2. Oracle Advanced Analytics Option
    3. Oracle R Enterprise
    4. Deploying R Is Easy with Oracle R Enterprise
      1. The Advantages of Using Oracle R Enterprise
    5. R Technologies from Oracle
    6. How Customers Are Using Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Advanced Analytics
    7. Summary
  9. 2 Installing Oracle R Enterprise
    1. Installation Prerequisites
    2. Setting Up Your Oracle Database
    3. Installing Oracle R Enterprise
      1. Oracle R Enterprise Packages
      2. Pre-installation Requirements
      3. Oracle Database Server Installation
      4. Client Installation
    4. Verifying the Installation of ORE
    5. Installing RStudio
    6. Using Oracle Pre-built Appliances
      1. Oracle Database Developer Pre-built Appliance
      2. Oracle OBIEE Sample App Pre-built Appliance
      3. Oracle Big Data Lite Pre-built Appliance
    7. Summary
  10. 3 Getting Started with Oracle R Enterprise
    1. Creating and Managing ORE Connections to the Database
      1. Creating an ORE Connection Using ore.connect
      2. Syncing Data Using ore.sync
      3. Adding Objects to the Search Space Using ore.attach
    2. Running a SQL Command
    3. Working with Data in the Oracle Database
    4. Storing Data in the Database
      1. Using ore.create to Create Tables
      2. Using ore.drop to Remove a Table
      3. Example Combining ore.create and ore.drop
    5. Storing ORE Objects in the In-database R Datastore
    6. Disconnecting from the Database
    7. Summary
  11. 4 The Transparency Layer
    1. Overview of the Transparency Layer
    2. Looking Behind the Scenes of the ORE Transparency Layer
    3. Summary
  12. 5 The Oracle R Enterprise Packages
    1. The Oracle R Enterprise Package
    2. Exploring the ORE Package Functions and Package Version
    3. ORE Settings and Options
    4. Getting Help for ORE
    5. ORE Demo Script
    6. Summary
  13. 6 Exploring Your Data
    1. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    2. Data Sampling
    3. Data Aggregation
    4. Data Transformations
      1. Derived Attributes
      2. Binning Attributes
      3. Combining Data
    5. Sorting Your Data
    6. Summary
  14. 7 Building Models Using ODM Algorithms
    1. Oracle Data Mining
      1. The ODM Algorithms Available in ORE
      2. Automatic Data Preparation in Oracle Using the OREdm Package
    2. Building Models and Scoring Data Using the OREdm Package
      1. Attribute Importance
      2. Association Rule Analysis
      3. Decision Tree
      4. Support Vector Machine
      5. Naïve Bayes
      6. Generalized Linear Model
      7. Clustering
    3. Saving Your Data Mining Models
    4. Summary
  15. 8 Building Models Using ORE and Other Algorithms
    1. What Algorithms Are Available?
    2. Preparing Your Data to Build a Model
      1. Sample Data Sets for This Chapter
    3. Building Models Using ORE Algorithms
      1. Generalized Linear Model
      2. Linear and Stepwise Regression Models
      3. Neural Networks
      4. Random Forests
    4. Building Models Using R Packages and Algorithms
    5. Using ore.predict for Optimizing In-database Scoring
    6. Summary
  16. 9 Creating R Scripts in the User-defined R Script Repository
    1. Using the R Script Repository
    2. Creating and Dropping R Scripts
    3. Granting and Revoking Privileges to User-defined R Scripts
    4. Managing the R Script Repository
    5. Creating Scripts Using the SQL API
      1. Creating an R Script
      2. Dropping a Script
      3. Granting and Revoking Access
      4. Data Dictionary Views for User-defined R Scripts
    6. Summary
  17. 10 Embedded R Execution
    1. Embedded R Execution Using the R Interface
      1. How to Use the ore.doEval Function
      2. How to Use the ore.tableApply Function
      3. How to Use the ore.groupApply Function
      4. How to Use the ore.rowApply Function
      5. How to Use the ore.indexApply Function
      6. Parallel Execution of Embedded R Functions
    2. Embedded R Execution Using the SQL Interface
      1. How to Use the rqEval SQL Function
      2. How to Use the rqTableEval SQL Function
      3. How to Use the “rqGroupEval” SQL Function
      4. How to Use the rqRowEval SQL Function
    3. Summary
  18. 11 Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
    1. Connecting to Apache Hive and Processing Data
    2. Managing Map-Reduce Jobs Using ORCH
    3. Using Spark with ORAAH
    4. Summary
  19. 12 Using ORE with Oracle Data Mining
    1. Oracle Data Mining
    2. Oracle Data Miner
    3. Including R Scripts Using the SQL Node
    4. Using the R Node
    5. Summary
  20. 13 Using ORE in APEX and OBIEE
    1. Oracle APEX
      1. Including an ORE Script in Your APEX Application
      2. Adding an R Graph to Your APEX Application
    2. Oracle Business Intelligence
      1. Setting Up OBIEE to Use ORE
      2. Using an R Script in the OBIEE RPD
      3. Presenting Results from an R Script on Your Dashboard
    3. Summary
  21. 14 ORE for the Oracle DBA
    1. Creating a New ORE Schema in the Database
      1. Privilege Required to Run Embedded R
    2. Installing a New R Package into Oracle R Enterprise
      1. Installing a New R Package on the Database Server
      2. Installing a New Package on the Client Machine
    3. ORE Global Variables and Options
    4. Using the ore.parallel Feature
    5. Uninstalling Oracle R Enterprise
      1. Uninstalling Oracle R Enterprise from the Oracle Database Server
      2. Uninstalling Oracle R Enterprise from the Client
    6. Summary
  22. Index