ACO (Advanced Compression Option), 116

active online redo log

loss of, 296

overview of, 17–18

recovering from loss of, 294

Active Session History (ASH), V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY view, 457

admin class, OSB rights, 122

admin user, OSB installation, 120, 125–126

Administration Center, TSM, 194

administrative data, OSB, 119–120

administrative domain, OSB, 117–118

Advanced Compression Option (ACO), 116

advise failure command, Data Recovery Advisor, 297, 299–300, 564

alert log messages

defined, 6

managing space in FRA, 64, 67

in new Fault Diagnosability Infrastructure, 74

online redo logs, 17

restore command failover, 271

split mirror backups of datafiles, 522

allocate channel command, 85

maxpiecesize parameter, 240

offline RMAN backups without ...

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