Self-review questions

  1. Oracle Business Rule is a data-driven ____________ chaining system.

    a. Rule

    b. Forward

    c. Rule-based

    d. Backward

  2. Oracle Business Rule provides a safe feature to edit the rules by multiple users.

    a. True

    b. False

  3. Oracle Business Rule Engine provides the features to change the rules without stopping the Business Process implementing.

    a. True

    b. False

  4. Oracle Business Rule-based Engine consists of.

    a. Rule-Bases

    b. Working Memory

    c. Inference engine

    d. All the above

  5. Oracle Business Rules _____________ provide a contract to access from Java or SOA Composite.

    a. Facts

    b. Ruleset

    c. Decision Functions

    d. Dictionaries

  6. Oracle Business Rules contain a ________________.

    a. Rule Dictionary

    b. Rule Engine

    c. Rule Library

    d. Rule Editor

  7. Identify the statement that ...

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