Oracle® Solaris 11 System Administration

Book description

Oracle® Solaris 11 System Administration covers every skill required to effectively install and administer the Oracle® Solaris 11.1 operating system in production environments. It features dozens of step-bystep “learn by example” procedures, demonstrating how to apply complex solutions in real-world data center environments.

Author Bill Calkins has administered and taught Oracle Solaris and its predecessors for more than twenty years. He also helped develop the newest Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams, which raise the bar for Solaris certification. This guide covers every new 1Z0-821 exam topic in detail and also covers many 1Z0-822 exam topics.

Calkins also reviews the changes that system administrators will face when upgrading to Solaris 11.1 and presents new ways to perform familiar tasks on both SPARC and x86 hardware. You’ll learn how to

  • Install the Solaris 11 Operating Environment with Live Media or Text Interactive installers

  • Install, manage, and update software with the Image Packaging System and IPS repositories

  • Understand, customize, and troubleshoot SPARC and x86 boot processes from system power-up to loading the OS (including coverage of ILOM, OpenBoot, and GRUB 2)

  • Administer and create services through the service management facility (SMF)

  • Configure system messaging using SMF notifications, syslog and rsyslog

  • Configure and administer ZFS storage pools, including ZFS on the boot drive, local disks, LUNs, and a SAN

  • Configure and manage ZFS file systems: encryption, redundancy, snapshots, clones, network sharing, monitoring, device replacement, and legacy UFS migration

  • Create, migrate, contain, and administer zones, including solaris10 branded and immutable zones

  • Use RBAC to create custom rights profiles and grant special privileges

  • Manage and monitor system process scheduler (including FSS process schedulers and proc tools)

  • Configure Solaris networking and network services, including Reactive and Fixed Network Configurations, VNICs, and Virtual Networking

A companion website ( includes new 1Z0-821 and 1Z0-822 study strategies and self-assessment exams.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
    1. What’s New in Oracle Solaris 11
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Audience
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Technical Editor
  9. 1. Installing Oracle Solaris 11
    1. Preparation for Installing the OS
    2. Using the Live Media Installer
    3. Using the Interactive Text Installer: x86
    4. Using the Interactive Text Installer: SPARC
    5. Verifying the Operating Environment
    6. Upgrading from a Previous Version of Oracle Solaris
    7. Changing an Oracle Solaris Instance
    8. Updating the OS
    9. Summary
  10. 2. Managing and Updating Software with IPS
    1. Understanding IPS
    2. Installing and Managing Packages
    3. BEs
    4. Update the OS
    5. Summary
  11. 3. Boot and Shutdown Procedures for SPARC and x86-Based Systems
    1. The Boot Process: SPARC
    2. The OpenBoot Environment
    3. Booting a SPARC System
    4. Booting an x86-Based System
    5. The Boot Archive
    6. The Kernel
    7. The init Phase
    8. SMF
    9. Create SMF Manifest and Profiles
    10. System Shutdown
    11. syslog
    12. rsyslog
    13. Summary
  12. 4. Administering Storage Devices
    1. Device Drivers
    2. Physical Device Name
    3. Device Autoconfiguration
    4. USB Removable Devices
    5. Instance Names
    6. Major and Minor Device Numbers
    7. Logical Device Names
    8. A File System Defined
    9. Defining a Disk’s Geometry
    10. Disk Slices
    11. Administering LUNs
    12. Summary
  13. 5. Administering ZFS File Systems
    1. Introduction to ZFS
    2. ZFS Hardware and Software Requirements
    3. ZFS System Process
    4. ZFS RAID Configurations
    5. Creating a Storage Pool
    6. Creating a ZFS File System
    7. Renaming a ZFS File System
    8. Listing ZFS File Systems and Storage Pools
    9. ZFS Components
    10. Encrypting ZFS File Systems
    11. Removing a ZFS File System
    12. Removing a ZFS Storage Pool
    13. Adding Storage Space to a ZFS Storage Pool
    14. Mirrored Storage Pools
    15. RAID-Z Storage Pools
    16. Attaching and Detaching Devices in a Storage Pool
    17. Taking Devices in a Storage Pool Offline and Online
    18. ZFS History
    19. ZFS Properties
    20. Mounting ZFS File Systems
    21. Sharing ZFS File Systems
    22. ZFS Snapshots
    23. ZFS Clones
    24. zpool scrub
    25. Replacing Devices in a Storage Pool
    26. The ZFS Root File System
    27. Monitoring ZFS
    28. Migrate Legacy File Systems to ZFS
    29. Summary
  14. 6. Administering Zones
    1. Oracle Solaris 11 Enhancements
    2. Consolidation and Resource Management
    3. Oracle Solaris Zones
    4. Non-global Zone Root File System Models
    5. Networking in a Zone Environment
    6. Planning the Zone
    7. Zone Service Instances and Daemons
    8. Configuring a Zone
    9. Viewing the Zone Configuration
    10. Administering Zones: zoneadm
    11. Log In to a Zone: zlogin
    12. Using ZFS for Oracle Solaris Zones
    13. Zone Resource Controls
    14. Create an Exclusive-IP Zone
    15. Create a Shared-IP Zone
    16. Migrate an Oracle Solaris 10 Global Zone to Oracle Solaris 11 (P2V)
    17. Back Up a Zone
    18. Recover a Zone
    19. Delegated Zone Administration
    20. Summary
  15. 7. User and Security Administration
    1. Administering User Accounts
    2. Managing User and Group Accounts from the Command Line
    3. Setting Up Shell Initialization Files
    4. The Home Directory
    5. Projects
    6. Name Services
    7. System Security
    8. RBAC
    9. Controlling File Access
    10. Auditing Users
    11. Controlling Network Security
    12. The Secure Shell (ssh)
    13. Common-Sense Security Techniques
    14. Summary
  16. 8. Managing System Processes
    1. ps
    2. pgrep
    3. prstat
    4. top
    5. mpstat
    6. ptree
    7. time
    8. svcs
    9. Proc Tools and /proc
    10. Process Types
    11. Using Signals
    12. Scheduling Processes
    13. Using the Oracle Solaris Batch-Processing Facility
    14. Configure System Core Files
    15. Configure System Crash Dumps
    16. Summary
  17. 9. The Oracle Solaris Network Environment
    1. Client/Server Model
    2. Network Interface
    3. Fixed Network Configuration
    4. Reactive Network Configuration
    5. Configuring Additional Network Services
    6. The System Hostname
    7. Virtual Networking
    8. Checking the Network
    9. Network Services
    10. Summary
  18. 10. Network File Systems
    1. NFS Overview
    2. NFS Version 4
    3. Sharing a File System
    4. ZFS Sharing within a Non-Global Zone
    5. Mounting a Remote File System
    6. Changing the NFS Version
    7. AutoFS
    8. Mirror Mounts
    9. Troubleshooting NFS Errors
    10. Summary
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Oracle® Solaris 11 System Administration
  • Author(s): Bill Calkins
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133007152