4. Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly called Logical Domains) is a virtualization technology that creates SPARC virtual machines, also called domains. It permits operation of virtual machines with less overhead than traditional designs by changing the way guests access CPU, memory, and I/O resources. It is an ideal way to consolidate multiple complete Oracle Solaris systems onto a modern powerful SPARC server.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC is available on systems based on SPARC chip multithreading technology (CMT) processors. These processors include the Oracle SPARC M5-32, M6-32, M7, S7, T4, T5, and T7 servers and blades; older SPARC T3 servers; Sun SPARC Enterprise T5x20/T5x40 servers; Sun Blade T6320/T6340 server ...

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