O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2016 - London, United Kingdom

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The title "Software Architect" frequently lands in the top 10 in annual surveys of best jobs, yet no clear path exists to move from developer to architect. SACON 2016 EU London supplies the knowledge needed to progress on that path—and to keep those already holding that title updated and inspired. "Engineering the Future of Software" was the theme of this conference featuring 75 of Europe and the world’s top software architects, agility coaches, CTOs, developer advocates, microservices masters, meme wranglers, cloud developers, and solutions architects. This video compilation contains each presentation delivered by that august group—more than 80 hours of material—covering every aspect of a software architect's job: from coding leadership and business skill to standards setting, systems design, and more.

  • Get a front-row view for each of SACON EU’s 75 speakers, 6 tutorials, 6 keynotes, and 75 sessions
  • Tutorials on Docker security/performance, continuously delivered Node.js pipelines, and more
  • 17 SA fundamentals sessions; 16 microservices; 9 integration architecture; 8 distributed systems
  • Matt Stine (Pivotal) on using Spring and Cloud Foundry to deliver cloud-native architectures
  • Lorna Mitchell (IBM Cloud) on the need to build/ship documentation before writing API code
  • Allen Holub (Holub Associates) on the fundamentals of messaging and ZeroMQ
  • Dirkjan Bussink (GitHub) on GitHub Enterprise—the on-premises version of GitHub.com
  • Simon Brown (Structurizr) on the art of visualizing software architecture
  • Patrick Kua (Thoughtworks) on evolutionary architectured systems that last and easily change
  • Multiple sessions on security, devops, reactive, UX design, scale, and optimization

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Table of contents

  1. O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference Keynotes
    1. The evolution of software architecture - Mark Richards (Independent)
    2. Microservices: Pros and cons - Rachel Laycock (ThoughtWorks) and Cassandra Shum (ThoughtWorks)
    3. Listening to the design pressures - Martin Thompson (Real Logic)
    4. The architecture of uncertainty - Kevlin Henney (Curbralan)
    5. High-performance teams - Patrick Kua (ThoughtWorks)
    6. Am I only streaming? Thinking reactive - Rob Harrop (SKIPJAQ)
  2. Fundamentals
    1. Steering Agile architecture - Tudor Girba (feenk.com) - Part 1
    2. Steering Agile architecture - Tudor Girba (feenk.com) - Part 2
    3. Introducing evolutionary architecture - Patrick Kua (ThoughtWorks)
    4. The art of visualizing software architecture - Simon Brown (Structurizr)
    5. Study the past if you would define the future: How Gang of Four patterns are more relevant than ever with microservice architecture - Thomas Gamble (ThoughtWorks) and Hari Ramamurthy (The Home Depot)
    6. Modular monoliths - Simon Brown (Structurizr)
    7. Using architecture principles in practice - Eoin Woods (Endava)
    8. Five features of a good API architecture - Rob Allen (Nineteen Feet Limited)
    9. Making code take flight: Finding the right abstractions - Dave King (Exaptive)
    10. In-process REST - Marcel Weiher (Microsoft, metaobject)
    11. Architecture as belief - Peter Campbell (Kainos)
    12. Models, sketches, and everything in between - Eoin Woods (Endava) and Simon Brown (Structurizr)
    13. Continuous architecture: Sustainable architecture in an Agile and cloud-centric world - Murat Erder (Deutsche Bank)
    14. Architects in an Agile world - Daniel Grund (evosoft GmbH)
    15. The well-rounded architect - Patrick Kua (ThoughtWorks)
    16. The new economics of the cloud - Chris Bailey (IBM)
    17. Designing the M in MVC - Rob Allen (Nineteen Feet Limited)
  3. Reactive and its variants
    1. Reactive fault-tolerant programing with Hystrix and RxJava - Matt Stine (Pivotal)
    2. Building event-driven serverless applications - Danilo Poccia (Amazon Web Services)
    3. Reactive GUI application architecture with dataflow constraints - Marcel Weiher (Microsoft, metaobject)
  4. Devops
    1. Creating the "right" minimal lovable image and running it in production - Daniël van Gils (Cloud 66) - Part 1
    2. Creating the "right" minimal lovable image and running it in production - Daniël van Gils (Cloud 66) - Part 2
    3. Starting an ops team - Emma Jane Hogbin Westby (UN-OCHA)
    4. Designing infrastructure like microservices - Kief Morris (ThoughtWorks)
    5. A practical guide for continuous delivery with containers - Daniel Bryant (OpenCredo)
  5. Microservices, pros and cons
    1. Delivering cloud-native architectures with Spring Cloud and Cloud Foundry - Matt Stine (Pivotal) - Part 1
    2. Delivering cloud-native architectures with Spring Cloud and Cloud Foundry - Matt Stine (Pivotal) - Part 2
    3. Building immutably to continuous delivery with minimal inputs - Adron Hall (The Home Depot) - Part 1
    4. Building immutably to continuous delivery with minimal inputs - Adron Hall (The Home Depot) - Part 2
    5. Microservices are hard: A guide for optimists - John Feminella (Pivotal)
    6. Alert overload: How to adopt a microservices architecture without being overwhelmed with noise - Sarah Wells (Financial Times)
    7. How microservices communicate - Bryan Moyles (TelTech Systems)
    8. The docs-first approach to API development - Lorna Mitchell (IBM)
    9. Serverless services in action - Gary O'Connor (Doddle)
    10. Event sourcing: The best ubiquitous pattern you've never heard of - Joe Drumgoole (MongoDB Inc.)
    11. Lightweight messaging and interservice communication with ZeroMQ - Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
    12. Blah blah. . .microservices. . .blah blah - Duncan DeVore (Lightbend)
    13. Microservices with Lagom - Jan Machacek (Cake Solutions)
    14. Moving enterprise practices and development to open source - Adron Hall (The Home Depot)
    15. The end of architecture - Phil Wills (Guardian News Media)
    16. The full life-cycle of a microservice: How to realize a fault-tolerant and reliable architecture and deliver it as a Docker container or in a cloud environment - Luigi Bennardis (Luigibennardis.it)
    17. Containers and containerless? - Mark Little (Red Hat)
  6. Security
    1. Understanding Docker security and performance - Ben Hall (Katacoda | Ocelot Uproar) - Part 1
    2. Understanding Docker security and performance - Ben Hall (Katacoda | Ocelot Uproar) - Part 2
    3. Secure architecture and programming 101 - Mario-Leander Reimer (QAware GmbH)
    4. Man in the middle: Why three(+)-tier web architectures are insecure - Robert Lefkowitz (Warby Parker)
    5. EU data protection regulation: Architectural design for legal analytics - Steven Touw (Immuta)
    6. Pen testing 101 - Sasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)
  7. Distributed systems
    1. The myth of the magical messaging fabric - Jakub Korab (Ameliant)
    2. Consistent hashing, shuffle sharding, and copysets: Practical tools for controlling failure - Wes Chow (Chartbeat)
    3. Log analytics and operational intelligence for distributed microservices - Kai Wähner (TIBCO)
    4. Four distributed systems reference architectures - Tim Berglund (DataStax)
    5. Machine intelligence at Google scale - Kazunori Sato (Google)
    6. Actors, evolved - Rotem Hermon (Gigya)
    7. Top five architecture mistakes when moving to distributed execution engines - Ted Malaska (Blizzard Entertainment )
    8. Road traffic analysis and Agile architectures - Kristoffer Dyrkorn (BEKK Consulting)
    9. Cloud-native Java - Josh Long (Pivotal)
  8. Integration Architecture
    1. How to apply big data analytics and machine learning to real-time processing of microservice events - Kai Wähner (TIBCO)
    2. Don't touch the monolith; or, How lateral architecture design can satisfy your users - Steve Marshall (Ministry of Justice)
  9. Optimization
    1. Optimizing for microservices - Rob Harrop (Skipjaq)
  10. Sponsored
    1. Finding the right size: Establishing boundaries in microservices and software architecture - Ronnie Mitra (API Academy)
    2. Scaling down - Dirkjan Bussink (GitHub)
    3. Microservices migration strategies - Simon Poulton (CA Technologies)
  11. User experience design
    1. Storytelling in a technical world - Tudor Girba (feenk.com)
    2. Modular UI design for a microservices world - Marcus Ahnve (Valtech) and Visar Ulaj (Valtech AB)
    3. Interfaces include people - Caroline Jarrett (Effortmark Ltd)
    4. Offline-first mobile web apps - Aditya Punjani (Flipkart)
  12. Scale
    1. Shipping scalability behind the firewall - Christian Rolf (Atlassian)
    2. Scaling your API development workflow: Five simple things you can do today - Vincenzo Chianese (Apiary.io)
    3. Best practices for implementing serverless architecture - Kyle MacDonald (Iron.io)
    4. From ACID to CAP and back again: Making S3 reliable - Alexis Tual (JFrog)

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