Chapter 11

It Takes Alkynes: The Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing the carbon-carbon triple bond

arrow Naming alkynes

arrow Seeing alkyne-making reactions

arrow Reacting alkynes

As a functional group, alkynes are somewhat less common than alkenes, but they still have some very interesting features and reactivities that are unique to them.

Alkynes are molecules that contain carbon-carbon triple bonds. As you may expect, the reactivities and properties of alkynes are very similar to those of alkenes, although a few interesting differences between the two types of molecules also exist. In this chapter, I discuss the properties of alkynes, show you how to name alkynes, and cover the fundamental reactions that form alkynes and convert them into other functional groups.

Naming Alkynes

Alkynes are named under the systematic nomenclature scheme in the same way that alkenes are (refer to Chapter 9), except that instead of the name ending with the suffix –ene, the names of alkynes end with the suffix –yne. As with alkenes, a number in the prefix is used to indicate the position of the alkyne ...

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