Chapter 2

Working Nine to Five: Understanding Psychology and Behaviour in the Workplace

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing how the world of work is changing with the times

arrow Applying psychology at work

arrow Working toward happy employees and happy employers

arrow Knowing the value of psychology at work

As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, with profits more difficult to make, organisations are looking for new ways to be more effective and productive. In addition, the traditional workplace is changing with less focus on making things (manufacturing) and more on doing things for other people (service jobs). How jobs and the workplace are evolving changes employees’ expectations and needs and, ultimately, impacts on how they behave.

The study of work psychology and organisational behaviour can help employers make the changes that they need, such as improving productivity and the quality of working life. Psychologists and organisational behaviourists develop theories, test them, and use this knowledge to meet the changing needs of the workplace.

In this chapter, we consider what changes to ...

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