Chapter 17

Hiring the Right People

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out the skills that the job requires

arrow Pinpointing desirable traits and skills

arrow Exploring hiring methods

arrow Using technology in the hiring process

Almost all companies have to recruit and select new employees at some point. Whether you’re a small company that replaces staff occasionally or a large organisation that is constantly managing the recruitment and induction of new employees, getting selection right is advantageous for your organisation; getting it wrong can be disastrous. The scale and importance of recruitment and selection activity makes it a topic of huge interest to managers, organisational behaviourists, and work psychologists.

Hiring the right person for a vacancy can result in huge benefits for both the new employee and your organisation, including high performance for your company and a satisfied and committed employee. The main aim of the hiring process is to match the skills and abilities of applicants to the job responsibilities because it increases the odds of your new staff member performing well at work. ...

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