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Organizational Change and Development

Book Description

The area of Organizational change and development has undergone rapid changes over the last few years, both locally and in the global arena. Organizaional Development and Change has tried to encapsulate and present the important concepts and practices that have emerged in recent times. Indian case studies and examples have been incorporated to enable students to understand, appreciate and relate to the theories stated in the book. In addition to discussing in detail the primary forces of changes, specific steps of organizational development and intervention strategies have also been elaborately dealt with.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. About the Author
  5. Dedication
  6. Preface
  7. 1 Understanding Organizations
    1. Nature of Organizations
    2. Types of Organization
  8. 2 Organizational Effectiveness and Change
    1. Organizational Effectiveness
    2. Need for Change
    3. External Forces for Change
    4. Internal Forces for Change
    5. Theories of Planned Change
    6. Lewin's Three-step Model of Change
    7. Resistance to Change
    8. Individual Resistance
    9. Managing Resistance to Change
    10. Behavioural Reactions to Change
  9. 3 Organizational Culture and Climate
    1. What is Organizational Culture?
    2. Levels of Organizational Culture
    3. Organizational Culture: Uniform or Pockets of Different Cultures
    4. Weak vs Strong Organizational Culture
    5. Role of Organizational Culture
    6. Types of Organizational Culture
    7. How Does Organizational Culture Start?
    8. The Stages of Organizational Culture
    9. How Does Organizational Culture Get Transmitted?
    10. Sustaining Organizational Culture
    11. When Organizational Culture Becomes a Liability?
    12. Changing Organizational Culture
    13. Organizational Climate
    14. Organizational Culture vs National Culture
  10. 4 Conflict and Negotiation in Organization
    1. What is a Conflict?
    2. Intra-individual Conflict
    3. Interpersonal Conflict
    4. Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict
    5. Interpersonal Conflict Process
    6. Causes of Conflict
    7. Consequences of Dysfunctional Conflict within an Organization
    8. Outcomes of Conflict
    9. Management of Conflicts
    10. Negotiation
    11. Effect of Culture on Negotiation Process
  11. 5 Management of Group Processes
    1. Definition of Groups
    2. Reasons for Joining a Group
    3. Types of Groups
    4. How are Groups Formed?
    5. Teams and Groups
    6. Team Effectiveness Model
    7. Team Building
    8. Outbound Experiential Learning
    9. Group Decision Making
  12. 6 Leadership and Change
    1. Leadership
    2. Leadership and Change
    3. Leaders vs Managers: Some Fundamental Differences
    4. Theories of Leadership
    5. Leader–Member Exchange (LMX) Model
    6. Likert's Four Styles of Management
    7. The Path–Goal Theory
    8. Transformational Leadership
  13. 7 Power and Politics
    1. What is Power?
    2. Power Dynamics
    3. Source of Power
    4. Effective Use of Power: Various Influence Strategies
    5. Probable Effects of Power
    6. Organizational Politics
  14. 8 Process of Employee Empowerment
    1. What Is Empowerment?
    2. Definition of Employee Empowerment
    3. Characteristics of Employee Empowerment
    4. Process of Employee Empowerment
    5. Characteristics of Empowered Organizations
    6. Benefits of Empowerment
    7. Problems of Employee Empowerment
    8. Steps of Empowerment
    9. Empowerment and Organization Development
  15. 9 Management of Diversity Including Gender Issues and Cross-cultural Dynamics
    1. Definition of Diversity
    2. Managing Diversity
    3. Diversity Programmes
  16. 10 Organizational Change
    1. Need for Change
    2. Nature of Organizational Change
    3. Forces Responsible for Change
    4. Types of Change
    5. Theories of Planned Change
    6. Different Models for Understanding Change
    7. Resistance to Change
  17. 11 Organization Development
    1. Introduction
    2. Why Organization Development?
    3. Definition of Organization Development
    4. Characteristics of OD
    5. History of OD as a Discipline
    6. OD in India
    7. Seven Stages of OD Cycle
  18. 12 Agents for Organization Development
    1. Change Agents: Who Will Take the Cudgel?
    2. Role of Change Agents in an Organization
    3. Who Practices OD?
    4. Skills and Competencies Required for Effective Change Agents
    5. Values and Ethics of OD Consultants
  19. 13 Organization Development and Its Steps
    1. Diagnosing the Organization
    2. The Different Phases of OD Programme
  20. 14 Different OD Intervention Strategies
    1. Action Research and Organizational Development Intervention Strategies
    2. What is an OD Intervention?
    3. Characteristics of OD Interventions
    4. Implementing OD Interventions
    5. Evaluating OD Interventions
    6. Categories of OD Intervention Strategies
    7. Brief Overview of Different OD Interventions
  21. Acknowledgement
  22. Copyright
  23. Back Cover