If you are going to do anything online it has to be yours. It is coming directly from you. Not from your company, not from your role, from you. Wear your heart on your sleeve, join the party, and enjoy yourself.

Whether it is your blog, or forum post at work, or Facebook page, or tweet at home, this is your thing. You have to own it. It is yours. It is you. Many people get jumpy about this. It may be the first time they have put themselves down in writing. Committed, made public. Exposed. But then this is also why we do it. It makes you think harder. If you are going to say what you think in public you have to become happy about what you are thinking. If you are not happy about what you are saying, don’t say it and do something about it until you are happy. This is the bottom line message of this book.

In many ways blogging is a bit like being a student. For many of us, the main benefit of being a student was that you got to play at being different types of people. Play at being a grown-up in different ways before you have to do it for real. We all play at being different people. We are different when we are at work from when we are at home. We are different when we are angry from when we are happy. There is no real us. We are making it up as we go along. With a blog you are doing some of that ‘making it up’ in public. This is not easy but it is a good thing. You have to think harder about what you think and why. There is something about committing to your ...

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