“This book is as insightful, unconventional, and original as its author. It will change how you see things, and it will change what you do.” From the Foreword by Andrew McAfee Principal Research Scientist at MIT and author of Enterprise 2.0

“Euan is one of the top thinkers in the world about how the web ACTUALLY works, as opposed to how the trendy guru types like to PRETEND it works. Read everything he’s written, is my advice.” Hugh MacLeod, cartoonist

“Euan has not only been there and done it, he has also thought profoundly about it. Highly recommended.” Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

“One of the best minds in the world just to be around. Highly recommended.” Thomas Power, Founder and CEO, Ecademy

“A clear explanation of how flatter structures, self-organising teams and vanishing boundaries can be good for business, from one of the sharpest thinkers on the merits of social business, knowledge management and radical transparency.” Richard Sambrook, Global Vice Chairman, Edelman

“From the title of the book, to chapter headings, to the actual words, Euan’s positive fun-loving personality and forward-thinking passion for “making organizations better” shine through. With humour and directness, he shares insights and ideas about what’s possible in the workplace, the technologies that can enable effectiveness, and the people who will make it happen. Well done Euan!” Jane Dysart, KMWorld Conference Chair, Dysart & Jones Associates

“In this easy-to-read ...

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