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Organizing Your Office and Your Life: Clear the Clutter and Your Mind

Book Description

Do you have the "Depression Mentality"? Are you tidy but disorganized? Do you have your organizing system in your head? If so, you need the help of bestselling author Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro. Laura will help you truly get organized at work and home, so you can retrieve information quickly. You will learn how to:

  • Create the eight different types of files.

  • Apply the six principles of filing to your system.

  • Prevent the "to be filed" pile from overtaking your office.

  • Finish what you start and complete short tasks quickly.

  • Stay on top of things with a maintenance plan.

The key is controlling your clutter, instead of letting it control you. Laura will help you establish a place for everything and get everything in its place as soon as it hits your desk.