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OS X Mavericks Pocket Guide

Book Description

This low-priced, practical guide is packed with handy information for people who want to jump right in and start using OS X Mavericks. Author Jeff Carlson is like your smart techy neighbor, sitting at elbow guiding you through how to get the most out of Mavericks. Jeff will show you how to:

  • Download, set up, and start using Mavericks

  • Manage files with iCloud

  • Swipe, pinch, and scroll: Master Mavericks' Mult-Touch gestures

  • Install applications from the Mac App Store

  • Stay in touch: Enjoy video call with family and friends with FaceTime and chat them up with Messages

  • Don't miss another email or family event with Notifications

  • Read your ebooks with iBooks

  • In addition, Jeff offers plenty of tips and tricks for getting the most from Mavericks.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About Jeff Carlson
    6. Contents
    7. Introduction
      1. How to Get Mavericks
      2. How Big Is Your Pocket?
      3. Conventions Used in This Book
    8. 1. Meet Mavericks
      1. The Pocket Guide Overview of OS X Mavericks
    9. 2. Set Up Mavericks
      1. Before You Upgrade
      2. Upgrade to Mavericks
      3. Migrate Your Information
      4. Manage User Accounts
      5. Run Windows Using Boot Camp
    10. 3. Apps, the Dock, and Mission Control
      1. Launch Applications
      2. Use the Dock
      3. Switch Between Applications
      4. View Notifications
      5. Use Mission Control
      6. Expand Your Desktop with Spaces
      7. Install Applications
      8. Update Applications
    11. 4. Master Your Files
      1. Your Home Folder
      2. Move and Copy Files
      3. Share Files
      4. Delete Files
      5. Finder Essentials
      6. Find Files with Spotlight
    12. 5. Manage Important Information
      1. Synchronize Important Data
      2. Contacts
      3. Calendar
      4. Notes
      5. Reminders
      6. Maps
      7. Work with Text
      8. Print
      9. Save Documents
    13. 6. Stay in Touch
      1. Connect to the Internet
      2. Mail
      3. Browse the Web with Safari
      4. Messages
      5. FaceTime
      6. Twitter and Facebook
    14. 7. Enjoy Media
      1. Music
      2. Digital Photos
      3. Books
      4. Digital Video
      5. Extend Your Screen Using AirPlay
    15. 8. Disks and Networking
      1. Connect a Storage Device
      2. Connect to a Networked Computer
      3. View and Control a Network Computer’s Screen
      4. Share Files from Your Mac
      5. Burn a CD or DVD
    16. 9. Back Up Your Data
      1. The Pieces of a Good Backup System
      2. Time Machine
      3. Make a Duplicate
      4. Back Up Files Online
      5. Access Previous Versions of Files
    17. 10. Keep Your Mac Secure
      1. Passwords
      2. Store Secure Data in Your Keychain
      3. Encrypt Your Data with FileVault
      4. Enable the Firewall
      5. Surf Safely
      6. Network Safely with Wi-Fi
    18. 11. Troubleshooting
      1. General Troubleshooting
      2. Troubleshoot Disk-Related Issues
      3. If an Application Crashes
      4. If You Can’t Connect to the Internet
      5. Troubleshoot at Startup
      6. Support Resources
    19. Index